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Update Notice

Dear Parents,

By now you should have received a letter in the mail about our plans for the remainder of this school year. I will be calling all of you next week with additional information that you will need to know.

Have a fun filled weekend with your family! 🙂  


Cutting Practice

Fish Lines Cutting Practice

Hello Friends!

Click the link above to print a fun cutting practice page! Use your scissors to cut along each line to feed the fish! 🙂 

Other fun cutting activities include using scissors to  cut magazines, newspaper, even the grass outside! It’s also fun to draw a picture, then cut it into pieces to make your very own puzzle to put back together!! Have fun! 

Hello From Pip Squeak

Hi friends! Pip-Squeak here! *Squeak* How are all of you? *Squeak Squeak* I miss you! I’ve been having fun exploring all around Happy Time! *Squeak Squeak* Don’t tell Mrs. Bednarz, but I’ve been nibbling on some of your toys! *Squeak Squeak* I think the blocks from the block shelf are my favorite! Hope you all have a fun day! *Squeak Squeak*

Love, Pip-Squeak