About Us

About Happy Time

Happy Time is a high-quality program that accommodates 32 children in each session.

Maximum class size is 15 with two full time teachers.

Our staff consists of well-trained, highly-qualified teachers and teacher assistants.

Love, patience, enthusiasm and understanding of the developmental needs of young children are characteristics of all the staff at Happy Time.

It is our hope that Happy Time will be a whole-family experience.

We invite you to call or contact us and make an appointment to see the school while we are in session.

What we do…..

We learn that there are many different kinds of people in the world.
We learn that everyone is special.
We play, share and take turns with our friends.
We learn to be independent.
We help others.
We sing, dance and use instruments.
We use crayons, pencils, scissors, paint, clay water, sand, etc.
We express our thoughts and we listen to others.
We are introduced to shapes, letters and numbers through music, games, crafts and visual aids.

Daily Activities

Daily Attendance
Music Every Day
Cutting, Pasting, Painting and Clay Play
Craft Choices
Sensory Table
Story Time
Show & Share
Outside Play

See our Monthly Calendar for examples!


Outstanding Early Childhood Education Preschool in Enfield Connecticut